Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Club Fitting – Remove a Variable

If you want to improve at golf, you better be using the right clubs. Club fitting is possibly the best thing that has happened to golf for a long time. Though club fitting has been around for a while it has become more popular recently. Custom fitting is done on nearly all clubs these days. We offer driver, irons and putter fittings to optimize the clubs you’re playing.


Driver fitting is by far the most popular but it isn’t the only club that you should have fit. Irons and putters are just as important. A putter fitting is a must, it is used more than any club in your bag. If you are planning to get fit, you should get fit all the way. If you can’t buy new clubs now usually your current clubs can be modified to better fit your golf game.


Our Set Composition can also check your bag for yardage gaps. This will help dial in our distance control and that very important for good golf.

Club Fitting Costs

Driver Fitting – $30

Iron Fitting – $50

Putter Fitting – $25

Full Set Fitting – $80

Set Composition – $50