Change your thinking, Change your Game!

Most golfers have a “miss” that shows up all too often. The miss could be a slice or a hook, it could be a top or a pop-up. Regardless of your miss is you probably have the “cure.” The cure typically consists or keeping your head down, making a bigger turn or manipulating your hands in some fashion. Sound familiar?

Trying to control different body parts during your swing can overwhelm your brain. To simplify we are only going to control one thing, your club at impact.

Let’s quickly put this thinking into an everyday activity. When you get a pen or pencil and start writing how often have you think about how you move your arm, hand and fingers to create words? Never, so why do we do it in golf?  Note: you don’t think about grip pressure either do you?

Put it into practice

Let’s say you top the ball, what is your cure cure? Did you lift your head? With this new thinking we make it simple, at impact your club struck the ball above the ball’s equator.

So, to correct this what do you do, keep your head down? No, we want to make sure the club hits the ball below the ball’s equator.

Next time you’re out practicing give it a try, think about what the ball is doing and try to make the appropriate corrections with the club to see a better ball flight.

Changing your thinking might just change your game.

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