Mike is a terrific golf instructor!

Mike is a terrific golf instructor! I was definitely a beginner. He has helped make my golf journey fun and enjoyable with creative teaching methods. This is a great sport I am now able to play for years to come! Thank you, Mike!

Julie W.

Why Mike Quinlan Can Improve You’re Golf Game

Mike Quinlan is a true professional in the game of golf. Not only because he is a gifted player in the sport but also because he understands the ins and outs of the game mentally and physically. Whether it’s the body mechanics involved throughout your golf swing, or the attitude you have about your ability, Mike is able to guide you down a path that leads to improving your golf game and your overall outlook on the sport itself. One of the aspects I really enjoyed about Mikes teaching style is that he aims to simplify the way you approach your swing. He identifies a couple areas that he feels need the most work and gives a few specific pointers that he wants you to keep in mind throughout your swing. This way you aren’t overwhelmed by so many corrections and changes you need to make and can focus on a couple key points that are best for improvement. Plus, I believe Mike can help anyone because he takes the time to assess goals that are personalized to you. Golf is a very difficult and frustrating sport and he understands that people have different ways of learning and improving at a different pace. Therefore, he uses goal setting to properly aim someone toward what works for them. On top of all that, Mike is simply a wonderful guy to be around and is very easy to get along with. He makes the time you spend working on your golf game enjoyable and truly makes you want to continue getting better.

Dan D.

I could see improvement in my swing every lesson I had

I came to Mike looking for some lessons as I am new to golf and was hoping to get some tips on where to start. I was pleasantly surprised at how beneficial the lessons were for me. His methods of teaching worked great, I could see improvement in my swing every lesson I had. He explained things in a way I could understand and did not get too technical about it. Even though I am a beginner I feel after just three lessons I have improved immensely. Not only was Mike a great instructor his rates are unbeatable. Mike is very personable and I would highly recommend him!

Natalie K.


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